Pacman Worlds

Pacman Worlds 1.0

Pacman goes 3D in his own world


  • Adds a new dimension to Pacman
  • Much more challenging than the original
  • Mini games within the game itself
  • Good sound effects


  • Graphics are a bit poor
  • Not as simplistic and addictive as the original

Not bad

If you wish someone would bring Pacman a little more up to date, then you may find Pacman Worlds adds the dimension you've been looking for.

In Pacman Worlds, you have to guide Pacman around a series of themed worlds, collecting Hidden and protected Gems in a world where the ghosts have taken over. These ghosts don't just chase you however - each ghost has special earthly powers depending on its color.

The Red ghost has fiery powers that will burn pellets (and Pacman too!), the Yellow ghost is aligned with Air, the Blue to Water, and the Purple to Earth all empowering them with different skills. Not only this, but there are other ghosts in Pacman Worlds that just generally chase you around and make life a pain.

The big bonus of Pacman Worlds of course is that he's not limited to the one dimensional course of old. This Pacman travels through towns, fields, forests, icecaps, mountains and battles baddies along the way such as Pirate Ships, Ancient Trees, Snow Giants, and Dragons. To help him on his quest, Pacman has special abilities such as powerups and there are even mini-games within the game to spice things up.

Although the simplistic charm of the original has been slightly lost in Pacman Worlds, it will still appeal to any die hard fan of the classic game.

Pacman Worlds


Pacman Worlds 1.0

User reviews about Pacman Worlds

  • by Anonymous

    It was fun at 1st, however game play and other stuff were not that great..
    It was ok. I got to play more than 1 ...   More